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O Wines Opportunity For Success Scholarship

The O Wines Opportunity for Success Scholarship program provides scholarships to low income, capable young women so they can achieve their greatest potential through education.

Scholarships are available to High School Senior females nationwide with US citizenship that are entering their freshman year of college and are enrolled in a four year program. Applicants must have a minimum GPA and meet established criteria. Each O Wines Opportunity for Success Scholarship is $20,000, given in $5,000 increments annually over 4 years.

The College Success Foundation with offices in Washington State and Washington D.C. (collegesuccessfoundation.org) is our partner in administering the O Wines Opportunity for Success Scholarship program including applications, awards and program management.

Meet Our Scholars

     My biggest fear about college was coming out of it with a substantial amount of debt. So as a result, I applied to many scholarships in hopes of making my dream college more affordable. I applied to over 30 scholarships but I did not receive any. On May 1st, when I found out I was the recipient of the O Wines Opportunity for Success Scholarship I was so excited I cried. This scholarship means so much to me and I am very grateful. I would like to thank O Wines and the College Success Foundation for making my college dream an affordable reality.

Sena L.

2013 Recipient, Louisiana

     Growing up with a single mother who became frequently hospitalized beginning when I was in kindergarten, I was not surprised when my college fund began to take blows. I thought that all we could afford would be an in-state or community college which I knew I was not satisfied with, but would accept if I had to. The situation was worsened when my mother passed away, leaving me parentless, during my junior year of high school. However, I am now extremely grateful and proud to say that I will be attending MIT next year thanks to the generosity of donors such as O Wines.

Marissa G.

2013 Recipient, Oklahoma

     This scholarship is such a great honor to receive! You have no idea how much this means to me. I’m so thankful that someone is already investing in my future! I am so excited to attend college in the fall, and it is thanks to the O Wines Opportunity for Success Scholarship that I will start strong! A thousand thanks yous for this opportunity!

Nicole G.

2013 Recipient, California

     I can still remember the excitement and how speechless I was when I opened the letter that revealed that I was one of the recipients of the O Wines Opportunity for Success Scholarship. I am truly honored and appreciative of having been awarded this scholarship. Because of this, I will be able to obtain a higher education and accomplish my dreams. Words can’t describe how grateful I am. Winning this scholarship has motivated me even more to live up to my potential. It is the scholarships and donors like these that help pave a path for disadvantaged students to attend college. Thank you for supporting me on my path to success. I sincerely pass along a million thanks!

Hlee L.

2013 Recipient, California

     I am very grateful to have been chosen to be an O Wines Opportunity for Success Scholarshiprecipient. Prior to receiving the scholarship, I had an unmet fee of about $4,300 to the University of Washington, the school I will be attending in the fall. The O Wines scholarship completely closed that gap, allowing me to attend college for FREE! This means that my tuition, room & board, transportation costs, and other fees are completely covered. My family had no way of paying for my college education, so it was important that I won scholarships and grants. Words cannot fully express the gratitude I feel towards the scholarship donors.

Sandy V.

2013 Recipient, Washington

     The O Wines Opportunity for Success Scholarship is a huge help and I am so blessed to have won one of the scholarships! The scholarship has given me the relief of knowing that I won't be accumulating a large amount of student debt that will be difficult to pay off after I finish school. I plan to combine world relief and missionary work after I earn a BA in Theology and a MA in International Development and Service. I want to be able to focus my career on helping people and communities and knowing that I won't have to worry about paying off a mountain of student debt will enable me to do just that. I can't thank O Wines enough!

Jordan M.

2013 Recipient, Oregon

     Receiving the Opportunity for Success Scholarship meant for me an opportunity to go to college and pursue my dreams of higher education. I am the first in my family to go to college. It is a big and exciting thing.

Angel P.

2009 Recipient, Washington

     I remember thinking college wasn't an option at one point. My scholarship has changed my life! It enabled me to set new goals for myself and opened new doors for a brighter future. It has helped me reach new levels with a worry-free attitude. Words can't express how grateful I am!

Marleny D.

2009 Recipient, Washington

  • Albany D.

    Jacksonville, FL
    University of

  • Josalynn F.

    Williamsburg, KY
    University of Kentucky

  • Marissa G.

    Broken Arrow, OK
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Sena L.

    New Orleans, LA
    Saint Louis University

  • Jordan M.

    Roseburg, OR
    Concordia University

  • Kelsey R.

    Spokane, WA
    University of Portland

  • Sandy V.

    Seattle, WA
    University of Washington

  • Nicole G.

    San Diego, CA
    San Francisco State University

  • Hlee L.

    Oroville, CA
    California State University, Sacramento

  • Vanessa M.

    Des Moines, WA
    University of Washington

  • Michaela M.

    Poulsbo, WA
    Seattle Pacific University

  • Barbara M.

    Shoreline, WA

  • Taylor V.

    Lynden, WA
    Whitworth University

  • Aimee W.

    Port Orchard, WA
    Pacific Lutheran University